Pharaohs favor              (19.1 grains)                 $7.00  

This streamer has been absolutely fantastic for me, its the nymph of my streamers. 3" long

Don't let this ones size fool you, its quite deadly. A must for the box, small enough that you can tuck a few in with your nymphs and create very effective combinations. 1 1/2" long

Mini sculpin                (12 grains)                        $5.50

This is my take on this famous streamer, with one back cast the predator fibers are dry. You can "skip" this streamer like a flat rock up under limbs hanging close to the water to get in spots where few do. Did it by accident the first time, now done with regularity. This is a great "skinny" water streamer, lands on the water with little disturbance. 2 1/2" long.

The golds in the underbelly really mix well with the tones of olive and black on this one. Very fishy baitfish. 3" long

Black nosed dace           (12.2 grains)                 $7.00

You just know they're in there...

All of my streamers are tied on Daiichi, Partridge & Gamakatsu quality hooks to ensure the best performance.

                                                    All weights & dimensions are approximated...

   Water dragon                (16.5 grains)                    $7.00