The emerald green tones specked with black really shines from under the coat of resin in this abdomen. Lightly veiled by the dubbing & dun cdc it has a great appeal to trout. Tied on a size 12 Hends bl 544

Tag nymphs just flat out catch fish. Lots of great triggers built into this jig. Tone changes from front to back! If you haven't tried this style of nymph you owe yourself... Tied on a Hends bl 120 size 14

Orange tag         (9 grains)           $3.50

Rusty cream           (6.2 grains)                          $3.00      

All of my nymphs are tied on Daiichi & Hends quality hooks to ensure the best performance. All beads are tungsten unless otherwise stated. Note that all Hends hooks are barbless and the Daiichi's have micro barbs. It is my goal to not only provide high quality nymphs but to help you build a more effective rig for your nymphing system. All weights are approximated.    


The materials in this tie lend itself so much to a caddis that once wet its hard to dispute. It's been a great pattern to have in the box. Tied on a Hends bl 554 size 12

I designed this nymph for those sections of stream that the current speed and depth of water make it difficult to get into and stay at the proper depth throughout your drift. Sporting two tungsten beads (1/8 & 7/64), it also has an underbody of tungsten wire that helps pack on the weight but maintain a slim profile. Tied on a size 8 Hends bl 554

This has been a fantastic pattern for me just a really effective tie definitely one that's always in the box. Tied on a Hends bl 554 size 16

Yellow jacket       (8.3 grains)        $3.50

This jig has proven to be an excellent tie & anchor. The depth and segmentation achieved with the quill & glint nymph in the abdomen screams eat me! While the dubbing & cdc thorax make it alive. Tied on a size 10 Hends bl 120

Amber "Z"                     (5.2 grains)                        $3.00

  Depth charger  (11 grains)           $4.00

Dirty olive                    (2.3 grains)                 $3.00

Olive mist                 (6.8 grains)                               $3.00

This has been a great anchor fly for me. The orange tag makes a subtle attention grabbing spot while the cdc & buggy dubbing give this nymph a very lifelike movement and appearance. A touch of straggle string gives the thorax a hint of uv shine. Tied on a size 10 Daiichi 1120

The resin coating really makes the body quill abdomen pop on this one, and the tone changes in the thorax add the finishing touch to this great tie. Tied on a size 12 Hends bl 554

Copper delight            (5.2 grains)                       $3.00